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About Us

The series was started in 2007 by the late Louis van Bergen, a seasoned racer with a vision for the need for an affordable one-make series with strict regulations. Based on the Kawasaki ZX10R road motorcycle with limited modifications, using only Bridgestone tyres.

The series started with a bang with multiple national super stars joining, like Greg Dreyer, later featuring the likes of Gavin Ramsay, Danie Maritz, Bradley Stark, Jannie Stander, Gavin Lightfoot, Graeme van Breda, Arushen Moodley. And Currently showcasing multiple national Champion Clinton Seller, Isle of Man TT star AJ Venter "Sack", Trevor Westman and Graeme van Breda. With fifty Club members for 2024 large grids at every event, this series is by far the premier motorcycle racing series in South Africa. There are three classes designated by age groups, Masters, Grand Masters and Veterans.
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